Nutrena Vitality Ultra Performance Horse Feed

Vitality® Ultra Performance Horse Feed

High performance textured feed specially formulated for superior performance

The desire to be great runs deep. You and your horse have the will. Now you can both have the way with Vitality® Advanced Equine Nutrition. Scientifically designed with SmartGrain Formulation®  — our formulation system that delivers superior performance in a feed you can be comfortable giving your horse.

  • Highly palatable textured blend of oats, barley, and an extruded nugget for consistent intake
  • 10% fat formula for extra energy and improved stamina
  • Designed to be fed to mares, breeding, maintenance and pleasure horses, including yearlings and older
  • Added prebiotics and probiotics aid in nutrient digestion
  • Organic trace mineral complexes for increased bioavailability, immune system support and protein utilization
  • Guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle maintenance and health
  • Guaranteed levels of biotin to support muscle, hair coat and hoof development

Link to Nutrena’s web site for detailed information about Nutrena Vitality® Ultra Performance Horse Feed.