Legends GastroTech Supplement is available at North Fulton Feed & SeedLegends GastroTech Supplement is a pelleted nutritional supplement, research-proven to significantly improve gastric health in performance horses. This proprietary blend of ingredients is formulated to support healthy digestive tract function in show and performance horses. Legends GastroTech Supplement is an excellent recommendation for horses under stress from training, competing and traveling. Legends is a premium horse feed line, formulated with advanced technology and the most comprehensive current research for your horse’s nutritional needs. Our Legends Supplements are additives which have been developed to supplement the nutritional demands of different dietary needs.

Link to Southern States Web site for detailed information on their Legends brand.

“Legend Gastrotech has completely changed my horse and our rides for the better. Thank you Peggy Miles for showing me this. I don’t know what I would do without this supplement” – Whitney

This is just one of the many experiences horse owners have had with the Legend’s GastroTech supplement. THIS product WORKS! When people try the Legend’s GastroTech, they love it. AND no other company has anything like it!  If you have show stables and other performance horse customers, get them to try one bag…they (and you) will be amazed!

Horses that can benefit from using Legend’s GastroTech:

  • Show – the anxiety from showing leads to at least 60% of show horses having ulcers (AAEP)
  • Stresses – physical and environmental – (don’t forget rescue horses, cribbers, etc)
  • Diagnosed ulcers AND undiagnosed ulcers. Most horses do NOT show outward symptoms of ulcers.

From AAEP: “The majority of horses with gastric ulcers do not show outward symptoms. They have more subtle symptoms, such as a poor appetite, decreased performance and a poor hair coat. More serious cases will show abdominal pain (colic) and/or bruxism (grinding the teeth).”  Learn more about Gastric Ulcers on the AAEP web site.

Other signs that may be ulcers: Reluctance to train Slight attitude changes Decrease in performance Transport stress Stall confinement Repeated use of NSAIDS Poor appetite, hair coat, body condition Low grade colic Weight loss Excessive time spent laying down. Read more about diagnosing and treating Gastric Ulcers in horses.