Cavalor Harmony Strucomix Senior Horse Feed

Keep Older Horses in Good Condition – Weight Builder

Older horses have a less efficient digestive system and also often less good teeth. As a result a number of adjustments have to be made to their feed. Strucomix Senior completely fulfills these special requirements. It mainly consists of extruded grains, which can be digested much more easily and lightly; biologically very high quality proteins, which are easily digestible and are converted quickly. Strucomix Senior contains Struconcept, which are easily digestible sources of cellulose which ensure that some of the need for crude cellulose is provided. This is important for the correct functioning of the digestive system.

An increased level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that compensate for a reduced absorption of rough cellulose.  Cavalor Strucomix Senior contains Air-Force, which includes garlic extracts and herbs that promote good circulation and support cardiac function. The high content of copper, zinc and manganese optimally support the joints, tendons and the entire bone structure.  Cavalor Strucomix Senior contains everything your older horses need for healthy and active senior years and retirement.

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