Cavalor Mash & Mix horse feed

Cavalor Mash & Mix

After a heavy effort a horse does not want highly concentrated energy feed but prefers a light, easily digestible meal: Cavalor Mash & Mix!

It is specially formulated from very easily digestible natural raw materials. Cavalor Mash & Mix exclusively contains extruded nutritional elements (mainly wheat, bran and linseed), tasty vegetables and herbs that stimulate the digestion and free the airways.

Cavalor Mash & Mix will help your horse absorb fluids and electrolytes in the gastrointestinal tract for better recovery after a demanding physical effort. Mash & Mix with the mega-electrolyte concept is a truly appreciated reward for your horse after heavy effort. Cavalor Mash & Mix is also welcome on chilly mornings and cold winter days as an easily digestible source of energy, diluted with warm water.

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