Cavalor Sport Endurix Horse Feed

Cavalor Sport Endurix

Cavalor Sport Endurix is a feed for competition horses that are required to exert themselves in demanding or long-distance performance (three-day eventing, combined driving, endurance, etc.). Because these horses must deliver continuous effort, they do not only get their energy from grains, but also need a long-term source of energy such as that derived from vegetable fats, essential fatty acids and rough fiber. Furthermore these horses lose electrolytes (essential minerals) through sweating as a result of their long-distance and intensive effort, which makes compensation necessary.

Mega-Electrolyte, contained in Endurix, ensures that your horse begins the competition with sufficient reserves of electrolytes. Because a continuous call made on the energy reserves stored in the muscle cells (glycogen) can lead to exhaustion, Cavalor Endurix has a high fat content. This creates a glycogen-saving effect. This means that there is more energy left over at the end of the effort. The fat content is not only important in order to be effective, but so is the composition of the fats used. Cavalor Endurix contains Cavalor Muscle Plus, a sophisticated composition of vitamin E and selenium, which ensures the protection of various cells. As a result the recovery phase is noticeably reduced.

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