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North Fulton Feed & Seed carries a wide variety of horse feeds from the best brands available. Each horse is unique and has special requirements. Use our web site to help you choose which feed is right for your horse. Search by brand, content, textured or pelleted or by special needs. If you need help choosing, call our store and we can help you pick what is right for your horse.

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High Fiber Hay Replacer Feeds

Cut hay costs by feeding high fiber (complete) horse feeds.

Fiber Requirements

Horses need between 1.5 percent and 3 percent of their body weight in total feed. Of this, about 1.5 to 2.0 percent should be in roughage or fiber. This would be about 15 to 20 pounds of hay or roughage for a 1000 pound horse. The feed amounts can be adjusted up or down based on the roughage or fiber available. When the pastures are lush, you will feed less grain or no grain. Poor quality pastures and droughts reduce the pasture roughage so the roughage needs to be replaced with hay, hay substitutes or a high fiber complete feed.  A minimum of 1 percent of the body weight as roughage is needed to maintain gut health. Horses without enough fiber or roughage in their diet are prone to colic and will be difficult to keep weight on.

What Makes a High Fiber Horse Feed?

Horse feeds with over 15% crude fiber are considered high fiber. Look on the feed tag to see what percentage of fiber is in your feed. Feeding a high fiber feed will allow you to reduce your hay feeding by half.  Feeds with moderate levels of fiber (11 to 15 percent crude fiber) can also serve as an alternative during drought. These lower fiber feeds cannot totally replace the roughage your horse needs, but they can reduce the amount of hay you have to feed your horse.

See the list of high fiber horse feeds we carry at North Fulton Feed & Seed. We can do custom orders if you need a feed not on this list.

Horse in pasture