Cavalor Sport Superforce Horse Feed

Cavalor Superforce Horse Feed

Cavalor Superforce is a top-quality feed especially suited for active competition horses that must produce sudden bursts of energy in disciplines such as show jumping, cutting and short-distance racing. With short, intense efforts that make no call on oxygen (anaerobic activities), the horse’s body mainly uses sugars, which it gets largely from grains in its feed (oats, barley, wheat, corn).

The more grains, the more energy? No! Feeding grains must not be exaggerated or it may form too much lactic acid, resulting in muscular and digestive problems. Pro-Yeast, an ingredient in Cavalor Superforce, ensures that there is no chance of acidification in the intestine. Superforce also contains a special selection of exclusive top-quality grains and an exceptional mix of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for safe energy), as well as specific amino acids and an extensive range of vitamins, minerals and extremely easily absorbable trace elements. Superforce also contains Muscle Plus, which combats the formation of lactic acid. Muscle Plus is a combination of extra vitamin E and selenium. This balanced combination means that Cavalor Superforce supports the energy needs for peak performance and the general condition of the horse.

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