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North Fulton Feed & Seed carries a wide variety of horse feeds from the best brands available. Each horse is unique and has special requirements. Use our web site to help you choose which feed is right for your horse. Search by brand, content, textured or pelleted or by special needs. If you need help choosing, call our store and we can help you pick what is right for your horse.

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Overweight Horses

Normally a horse needs to eat five to six pounds of grain per day to get a suffieient amount of vitamins and minerals from the average bag of feed. This can be a problem for “easy keepers”, minis, ponies and donkeys who maintain their weight on very little grain or just grass. Cutting down the feed, cuts down the vitamins and mineral they are receiving so unless these vitamins and minerals are replaced, your horse or donkey may not be getting what their body needs to remain healthy. There are special feeds and supplements that can address this problem.
Overweight horses need special feed